Our Technology

Microwave Heating Technology

Microwave is an electromagnetic wave, which has frequency range from 1GHz to 1000GHz with wave lengths ranging from 30cm to 0.03cm. Microwaves used for heating typically has 2.45GHz frequency and wavelength of 5cm to 6cm. Microwave heats up the material from inner core to outer surface and in conventional heating the heat is transferred radially inwards. This makes the process more energy optimum as there is very less loss of heat.

Heatflow Image

General Production of Activated Carbon

The production of activated carbon is a two-step process. Carbonization is a primary step, where the biomass is heated up to 700⁰C to 800⁰C, in inert atmosphere to form char, increasing the carbon content to more than 95%. The next step is activation, where the carbonized biomass is treated with activating agent in inert atmosphere at 700⁰C to 800⁰C. The activating agent can be chemicals like alkalis or physical like CO2 or steam. At the end the of activation process, we get unwashed activated carbon which is to be washed, based on pH requirement.

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Our Reactor

Our robust reactor can carbonize the biomass raw material as well as activate it. The reactor has the capacity of 1kg and has the total time of operation to be as low as 5 to 10 minutes per batch. It will be fully automated and electrically operated system, based on microwave heating and will be having installed power of 9kW. The reactor is also provided with two K-type thermocouples as temperature sensors and inert gas inlet and outlet.

Reactor Model Horizontal Image Reactor Model Vertical Image